Gideon's Global Church Partnership

Local Partnership. Global Impact.

Without a Bible, how does a pastor preach a sermon?

Without Bibles, how do Christian grow in their faith?

Without a Bible, how does an evangelist or church planter point a seeker to the Gospel Truth?

How do you teach according to the Scriptures without Scriptures? 


Churches in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific are being led by pastors with virtually nothing in their hands. In some cases one Bible is being shared by an entire body of believers.

We are partnering with Gideon's to provide scriptures especially to pastors and church leaders around the world. 


"We are not asking for a building.
 We are asking you to buy us cars,
 We are not asking for food or clothing or for anything.
 We are asking you to give us the Word of God"

Pastor Leuseged,


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